PVFS Organic Liquid Grow Fertilizer 4-1-2 (1 gal) - F4011

PVFS Organic Liquid Grow Fertilizer 4-1-2 (1 gal)
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Organic High Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer

Our Organic Liquid Grow is a high Nitrogen liquid fertilizer specially formulated for use on organic vegetables, fruit trees, berries, grapes, nursery and container plants. Although Liquid Grow has been run through a 200 mesh screen to insure easy use as a foliar or for drip application, a filter is still recommended for fertigation.

  • Derived from acidulated fish solubles and reduced sugar molasses
  • Guaranteed analysis
    • Total Nitrogen 4.0%
    • Available Phosphate 1.0%
    • Soluble Potash 2.0%
  • Foliar or soil drench applications

Directions for use: Shake well before using.

  • Foliar application: Use 3-5 Tbs per gallon. Can begin application when the first true leaves appear. Spray foliage to the point of run off. Apply every 7-10 days or as needed.
  • Soil application: Use 6-8 Tbs per gallon. Apply directly to the soil around the base of plants or at the dripline of trees.
  • Drip irrigation: Use 4-6 Tbs per gallon. Always use a filter and flush lines after use.
  • Container plants: Use 2-4 Tbs per gallon.

For information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product are available by calling 1-888-784-1722, toll free.

Important Information for Certified Organic Growers

This product should be suitable for use in organic agriculture as it has been deemed to be compliant with the USDA National Organic Program. However, as the status of any product can change at anytime, please always confirm that this product is allowed by your certifying agency.

We do our best to update our product's organic status, however the status of any product can change at anytime without notice from the manufacturer. Please confirm that the product is allowed by your certifying agency and that it's still on CDFA's organic input material list at cdfa.ca.gov

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