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Gift Seed Tin - Garnish With Style Collection - Edible Flowers - DP406

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Jazz up your food presentation with this collection of edible flowers.

The seed varieties vary, the tin currently contains one seed pack of each of the following varieties:

Radish Pink Beauty- The sweet white to pale lavender flowers taste like a mild, sweet radish.

Bachelor Buttons (Cornflower) - Eat the petals, the calyx can be bitter.

Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix - Peppery flavored blooms in orange, red, yellow, and white. The leaves are edible as well and taste something like watercress.

Burgundy Okra - These beautiful flowers have a nutty taste when eaten raw and taste something like asparagus when cooked.

Garlic Chives - Great garlic flavor, the flowers have a strong flavor so avoid eating whole flowers all at once.

Squash Summer Dark Green Zucchini - Eat the male blossoms (blossoms with a narrow stem) which appear first as they do not produce fruit, although the female blossoms (blossoms with a thick stem) taste just as delicious.

Basil Dark Purple Opal - Treat yourself to a delicious, herbal flavor.

Dill Bouquet - Great garnish for seafood.

Chives-Common - These lovely white flowers are a favorite for making soothing tea.

Cilantro - Use the leaves or flowers in Mexican, Indian or Asian dishes

The tin measures 4 1/2" long x 3 1/8" wide x 1 5/16" deep. Peaceful Valley brand and most other seed packets are a perfect fit; the metal tin keeps seeds safe from r-a-t-s.

Multiple tins stack or make a decorative display. See the whole range of Gift Seed Tin Collections here.

  • Item Model Number: DP406
  • Shipping Dimensions: 3.75 x 5 x 1.75 inches
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