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Safer Garden Dust
(8 oz)

Bt Insecticide for Home Gardeners

Item Number: PMB101


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Less concentrated, home-scale version of Dipel DF, but in convenient ready-to-use dusting powder. Contains Bacillus thuringiensus v. kurstaki, a naturally occurring bacterial insecticide. After ingesting the treated portion of the leaf, caterpillars stop feeding within a few hours and death occurs in a few days.

  • Can be used the same day as harvest, and does not harm beneficial insects.
  • Effective against a wide variety of worms and caterpillar larvae including tent caterpillars, inch worms, gypsy moth larvae, tomato hornworm, cabbageworm, corn earworm, oakworm, webworm, and many more.
  • Dust adheres best when plants are moist.
  • Use in late afternoon or on cloudy days as Bt breaks down in sunlight.


Insect Control Caterpillars, Loopers, Tomato Hornworm
Insect Control Caterpillars, Loopers, Tomato Hornworm

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