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Multi-Graft Trees

About Multi-Graft Trees

Enjoy three different kinds of fruit on one tree! At least 3 different varieties (of the varieties listed for each) are grafted onto one rootstock so you enjoy more variety and extended harvests in less space. It's the perfect solution for smaller spaces and urban gardening. All are on semi-dwarf No. 1 rootstock, except where noted otherwise, but by pruning can be kept to the size you desire.

All our dormant trees (except Pecan trees) and berries come with a limited replacement guarantee.

Selecting the Perfect Tree

For best success, be sure to choose a tree that will grow in your USDA zone, has an appropriate number of chill hours for your climate. If a pollinator is needed, make sure they're planted within 50 feet of each other and will bloom at the same time. Finally, what are your desired harvest intervals (all at once for canning or spread out for fresh eating)? Enjoy!

Pre-order to assure you’ll get the varieties you want!

Your order will ship out of our warehouse as soon as we receive your trees. (Dec-Jan). We cannot hold bare root items in CA, as they will begin to bud or flower. Once they break dormancy, they can no longer be shipped. We do not have the refrigerator capacity to hold all orders, which is why all trees will ship out as soon as we receive them. If you won’t be ready to plant when the trees arrive, watch our "Heeling in Bare Root Trees" video and learn how to keep your trees healthy until you are ready to plant.

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Growing Instructions Included with every order or simply download the PDF on How to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees.

Read our Blog Customers and Peaceful Valley staff share their fruit tree growing knowledge at groworganic.com/organic-gardening

Free Shipping!

Buy any 10 bare root fruit trees, and we'll ship them for FREE! (to continental US - Excludes potted fruit trees. Nut trees and Multi-graft trees count as 2 trees when calculating box capacity.)

10 bare root trees delivered to you for less than $200!

Buy any 10 bare root trees and enjoy free shipping. Most trees are $19.99 which means you can start or expand your home orchard with 10 bare root trees for as little as $199.90

Don't need a full box of trees?

We've lowered our flat rate shipping this year to just $20 per tree box (fits up to 9 trees - ex: 1-9 trees, your 11th-19th tree, etc)