Live Onion Transplants

About live onion transplants

The best onions are grown from transplants set out in fall and over-wintered to mature in early summer. All of our transplants will grow in intermediate zones. If you are wondering what is the best onion to plant for your region, check out our video Growing Onions, Leeks and Shallots for more information.

Transplants should be planted in the fall where winter temperatures stay above 0˚. These are live onion plants fresh from the field. The box needs to be opened and planted immediately upon delivery. If you must wait, do not be alarmed if the roots and tops begin to dry out. As a member of the lily family, the onion can live for about 3 weeks off the bulb. All onion and leeks are organically grown.

 Order your onion & leek transplants early. Select from Italian Red Torpedo, Early Red Burger, White Castle White, SweetPak Yellow, and Walla Walla Onions. And don't forget the leeks -- we're offering American Flag Leeks this year. Transplants sell out & ship mid-October-November, so order early. This fall you can also order onion sets which are available in red, white, and yellow.

Onion transplants are sold in 1 lb increments. Each pound will contain approximately 30 transplants. This number will vary based on when the transplants are harvested: the sooner they're harvested, the thinner they are (generally the thickness of a pencil), and the more you'll receive per pound! As fall goes on the transplants will get thicker and you'll receive slightly fewer onion transplants per pound. Pre-order today to get the most transplants per pound!

Shipping: The varieties and quantities you order may not all be available at the same time, so please plan to accept delivery as plants become available. If any items are on back order and you do not want to pay extra shipping, let us know and we will cancel the back order. Sorry, we cannot make exceptions. 

Zone Shipping: Onions ship FedEx Ground West of the Rockies. Onions shipping East of the Rockies must ship FedEx 3 Day due to perishability.

Please Note: Onion transplants cannot ship with any other item.

Combine any onion transplant varieties