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Bulk Seeds

Bulk Seeds

About bulk seeds:

We carry certified organic bulk vegetable and herb seed in units ranging from 1 oz to 1/2 lbs, perfect for farmers.Additionally we carry bulk wildflower seeds, organic grains, and a wide selection of grass and cover crops seed in bulk sizes.

Additional information including our Seed Glossary, Seed Pack Shipping, Quantiy Discounts, and Limitation of Remedy can be found on our Seed Category page.

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Organic Carrot, Kuroda
Organic Carrot, Kuroda (1 oz)


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PV Org Tomato Red Pear 1 oz
PV Org Tomato Red Pear 1 oz


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Organic Melon, Sivan (1 oz)


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Organic Greens, Mache
Organic Greens, Mache 1 oz


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PV Org Oregano Greek 1 oz
Organic Oregano, Greek (1 oz)


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Organic Gourd, Bottle
Organic Gourd, Bottle (1 oz)


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Organic Carrot, Dragon
Organic Carrot, Dragon 1 oz


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Organic Leek, Varna
Organic Leek, Varna (1 oz)


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Organic Turnip, Tokyo (1 oz)
Organic Turnip, Tokyo (1 oz)


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