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About our seeds:

We choose to only carry seeds that are organic or sustainably grown. Additionally, we only carry non-GMO seeds, and seeds that have not been treated with fungicides. We also strive to carry as many heirloom and open pollinated seeds as possible to help farmers and gardeners alike continue growing for generations to come.

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About Ordering Seeds

If we are out of the variety you order, we will back-order the item and ship it as soon as it comes in. If back-ordered items are not expected within a week, we will contact you to suggest a substitute or a different variety, or you can cancel the back-order. Also note that flower seeds are taxable.

Limitation of Remedy

We warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the seeds or plants sold hereunder are as described on the label within recognized tolerances. No other warranty is given, expressed or implied, (1) of the merchantability or fitness of the seeds or plants for any particular purpose, or (2) against loss due to any cause. We cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions (soil preparation, fertilization, weed and pest control, temperature control, irrigation, etc.) that must be met to insure the success of your crop(s).

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Certified Organic Seeds

Seeds are harvested from certified organic crops. They may be a hybrid or heirloom variety. In order to qualify for the USDA Organic certification, farmers must seek out organic seed. If they cannot find organic seed, they are allowed to use conventional, untreated seed.

Non-GMO Seed

We do not sell any GMO seed. Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply has signed the Safe Seed Pledge created by the Council for Responsible Genetics and actively supports efforts to label GM/GMO products for the benefit of consumers.

Heirloom Seed

An heirloom is a cultivar that was commonly grown during earlier periods in human history, but which is not used in modern large-scale agriculture. Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination.


Open pollination is pollination by insects, birds, wind, or other natural mechanisms. The seeds of open-pollinated plants will produce new generations of those plants; however, because breeding is uncontrolled and the pollen (male parent) source is unknown, open pollination may result in plants that vary widely in genetic traits. Open pollination may increase biodiversity. Seeds in our catalog are open-pollinated unless labeled as hybrid.

Hybrid Seed

Hybrid seed is produced by manually cross-pollinated plants. Hybrids are bred to improve the characteristics of the resulting plants, such as better yield, greater uniformity, improved color, disease resistance, and so forth. Hybrid seed cannot be saved, as the seed from the first generation of hybrid plants does not reliably produce true copies, therefore, new seed must be purchased for each planting. These seeds are not genetically engineered.

Seed Saving

Open pollination is the key to seed saving. Plants that reproduce through natural means tend to adapt to local conditions over time, and evolve as reliable performers, particularly in their localities.

Tomatoes, Determinate

Determinate types bear a full crop all at once and top off at a specific height; they are often good choices for container growing. Determinate types are preferred by commercial growers who wish to harvest a whole field at one time, or home growers interested in canning.

Tomatoes, Indeterminate

Indeterminate cultivars develop into vines that never top off and continue producing until killed by frost. They are preferred by home growers who wish ripe fruit throughout the season.