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Organic Herb Seeds

Organic Herb Seeds

About organic herb seeds:

Herbs are delightful in the garden as well as the kitchen! Whether you're looking to spice you your meals or create home remedies, we offer a wide selection of organic, open-pollinated, untreated, non-GMO herb seeds to select from.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply cannot recommend self-medication with plant products; medicinal information found in the descriptions is offered only in the context of historical usage and personal experience - please seek the advice of a health care professional for medical problems.

Additional information including our Seed Glossary, Seed Pack Shipping, Quantity Discounts, and Limitation of Remedy can be found on our Seed Category page.

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Horizon Herbs Organic Stevia (Herb Seeds)
Horizon Herbs Organic Stevia


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Organic Basil, Thai (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Basil, Thai (1 oz)


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Organic Lemon Balm (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Lemon Balm (1 oz)


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Organic Basil, Corsican (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Basil, Corsican (1 oz)


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Organic Chamomile (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Chamomile (1 oz)


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Organic Basil, Lemon (1/4 lb) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Basil, Lemon (1/4 lb)


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Organic Thyme, English (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Thyme, English (1 oz)


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Organic Cilantro (1/4 lb) (Herb Seeds)Back
Organic Cilantro (1/4 lb)


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Horizon Herbs Arnica Meadow (Herb Seeds)
Horizon Herbs Arnica Meadow


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Horizon Herbs Organic Borage (Herb Seeds)
Horizon Herbs Organic Borage


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Organic Sage (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Sage (1 oz)


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Organic Basil, Sweet (1/4 lb) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Basil, Sweet (1/4 lb)


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Organic Catnip (1 oz) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Catnip (1 oz)


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Organic Borage (1/4 lb) (Herb Seeds)
Organic Borage (1/4 lb)


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