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Irrigated Pasture Mixes

High quality seed pays off

All of our mixes use premium quality varieties of grasses and legumes, in just the right ratios, to provide maximum yields of nutritious, palatable forage. All legumes in the mixes are inoculated with organic Nitro-Coat for maximum seedling emergence, vigor and nitrogen fixation. Drill seed at 25 lb/acre or broadcast at 30 lb/acre unless otherwise indicated. Plant in time to take advantages of the natural rains in your region.

Organic Crimson Clover, Nitrocoated (lb)
Organic Crimson Clover, Nitrocoated (lb)


$9.39 As low as: $5.63
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Ladak Alfalfa - Raw Seed (Lb)


$10.09 As low as: $6.05
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Non-Dormant Alfalfa - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb)


$8.19 As low as: $4.91
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Semi-Dormant Alfalfa - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb)


$7.79 As low as: $4.67
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Dormant Alfalfa - Raw Seed (Lb)


$8.19 As low as: $4.91
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