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Garlic Seed

About Garlic Seed

We have assembled a great selection of gourmet, garlic varieties for you to choose from. Garlic is easy to grow and very rewarding, not to mention delicious to cook with. We've searched the continent for the best varieties and negotiated low prices for you. 

This season, we will have all the same varieties of garlic that we’ve sold over the last 5 years, but most of them will no longer be certified organic, as they have been in the past.  Our main grower is now growing on new land and it will take several years to get it certified.  We do have several varieties that are certified organic this year, including Chesnok, Killarney Red, Lahontan White, Early White and a new variety: Inchelium Red

Variety Selection

There are two main families of garlic: Softnecks and Hardnecks. Depending on the flavor you’re looking for (hardnecks usually have stronger flavors) or the shelf life you desire (softnecks generally store longer), you’ll be able to find what you want.

Calculating Garlic Seed Quantity

One lb of garlic seed equals approx. a 25' row with 4" spacing between plants. For most garlics, expect an optimum 10 lb yield for every lb planted.

When to Plant Seed Garlic 

Garlic is exceptionally winter-hardy. Fall is the time to plant for best yields and highest quality bulbs. Generally plant in September–January. In very cold areas, plant by mid-October, and protect your crop with a thick layer of mulch such as straw. Expect to harvest it in June–July.

Soil Preparation

Garlic needs fertile soil with good drainage. Take care not to plant garlic or onions in the same place you've previously grown them for at least 3 years to reduce the potential for white rot and other diseases.

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Growing Instructions Included with every order or simply download the PDF on How to Grow Garlic.

Read our Blog Customers and Peaceful Valley staff share their garlic growing knowledge at groworganic.com/organic-gardening

Garlic, Spanish Roja
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Spanish Roja (lb)


$17.99 As low as: $13.49
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Garlic, Music
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Music (lb)


$12.99 As low as: $9.74
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Tomatoes Garlic Basil
Tomatoes Garlic Basil


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Garlic, Purple Italian
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Purple Italian (lb)


$17.99 As low as: $13.49
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Garlic, German Red
Conventionally Grown Garlic, German Red (lb)


$14.99 As low as: $11.24
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Garlic, Siberian
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Siberian (lb)


$14.99 As low as: $11.24
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Garlic, Metechi
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Metechi (lb)


$17.99 As low as: $13.49
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Georgian Fire
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Georgian Fire (lb)


$17.99 As low as: $13.49
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Garlic, Bogatyr
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Bogatyr (lb)


$14.99 As low as: $11.24
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Garlic, Purple Glazer
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Purple Glazer (lb)


$17.99 As low as: $13.49
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Garlic, Russian Red
Conventionally Grown Garlic, Russian Red (lb)


$14.99 As low as: $11.24
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Organic Garlic, Red Chesnok
Organic Garlic, Red Chesnok (lb)


$19.99 As low as: $14.99
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