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Snap Fitting - Slip T (1-1/2") - SER277

Growing a Fall Garden

Growing a Fall Garden

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These make ideal attachment points for PVC when building pipe structures like greenhouses, cold frames & shade covers. UV stabilized, they fit onto regular PVC water pipe. You can find normal elbow and T fittings at your local hardware store but these 3-way and 4-way fittings work wonders for peaks & corners! These fittings provide more possibilities for building structures from PVC! The 5 way fitting is shaped like a cross with a fifth outlet in the center. Use these for center supports when covering berry patches or for the center support pole of pastured animal pens. The Slip T fitting is shaped like a regular Tee, but the pipe can slip all the way through the 2 adjoining outlets, allowing the pipe to go into the T one way and out the other. Use this Slip T for making hinges or to add support to a structure without having to cut the pipe.

  • Item Model Number: SER277
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