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Ladbrooke Soil Blockers - 3/4" Mini Blocker
(20 Blocks)

Great for Small Seeds and Quick Germination

Brand: Ladbrooke    Item Number: GP045


Backordered. Available: 02/16/2016


Backordered. Available: 02/16/2016


Makes twenty 3/4" soil blocks per stroke, in an area 3" x 4". Use this size when large numbers are needed, when space is limited or when fast germination is desired, as the blocks warm rapidly because of their small mass. Move up these mini blocks into a larger 2" soil block when affixed with the cubic pin (creates just the right size for the mini block to drop into).

  • Made from zinc-coated, solid steel
  • Made in England
  • Great for small spaces
  • PVFS Quickroot can be used as a soil blocker medium
  • In Europe, free-standing blocks of soil, rather than peat pots or seed flats, are almost universally used for starting vegetable and flower seeds. No containers are needed. To make the soil blocks, just fill a blocker with thoroughly moistened potting mix (Quickroot Soilless Potting Mix is perfect), set the blocker on a seed flat, and release. With one stroke you’ll create multiple soil blocks, each with a small depression in the top for the seed. When the seedlings are ready, plant them in the ground or bring them along further by dropping the soil blocks into openings in the tops of larger soil blocks (all discussed in the product descriptions). It is important to keep the soil blocks well watered with a fine mist. Imported from England, our soil blockers are the highest quality on the market.


    • Use for Seed Starting
    • Use with Small Seeds


    Brand Ladbrooke
    Brand Ladbrooke

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    March 15, 2012 - Charlotte from Peaceful Valley
    Soil blocks let you germinate seeds and grow seedlings all in one spot! When you grow with seed blocks there are no seed trays, no shifting to pots, and minimal risk of transplant shock. How can you do… read more »

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    Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs. Dimensions: 5"L x 4"W x 3"H


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