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SolarOasis Pro550 Gro-Bar - Four Bar Package - GP838

Growing Seedlings

Growing Seedlings

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These Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow lights have been designed to emit light wavelengths optimal for plant growth. Plants utilize very different wavelengths of the light spectrum from humans, so using traditional lighting is insufficient for plant growth and wastes energy. Gro-Bars utilize a fraction of the energy compared to traditional lighting, yet produce many times the amount of the lightwaves specifically used by plants.

Pro550 Gro-Bars
Here the Professional Gro-Bars are taken to new potential as SolarOasis has added two additional light clusters in the professional light bar. That's just 66% additional power usage (9 watts) yielding nearly 100% increase in light energy output. The best choice for the serious, professional grower. Each Gro-Bar is 21" x 2.5" x 1". Each package comes with an international power hook-up which powers up to 8 bars. Ships direct from the supplier. Available in One, Two, Four or Eight Gro-Bar Packages. Eight Gro-Bar Packages include 4 Gro-Bars, 1 power hook-up, and 3 bar-to-bar connector cables.

All SolarOasis products are certified RoHS (hazardous materials free) as well as DECA certified to be free of harmful plastic additives. All SolarOasis products are 100% recyclable or can be directly disposed of in standard landfills. SolarOasis products can be sold worldwide without restrictions. Country specific power cords are available at additional cost to meet the plug in power needs of other countries.

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  • Item Model Number: GP838
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