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Solo 2-Liter Handheld Sprayer - GSD4202

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Soil Blocks

Soil Blocks

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These handheld sprayers offer a whole new approach to one hand spraying. They incorporate all the easy pump, easy fill, easy clean-up characteristics found on Solo Sprayers. Both sizes feature a unique fully adjustable nozzle, a drip/drift guard and a hinged multidirectional wand assembly. Made of durable components and Viton™ seals, repair and maintenance is easy. 2-Liter comes with 12" (minimum) - 18" extension.

Customer Reviews


I used this sprayer to apply a water soluble deer repellent to my plants. The extended wand is handy to reach the tops of small trees and to keep a little distance between me & the spray. The sprayer comes apart easily which makes for quick clean up. The only downfall is that the opening is small and I had to use a funnel to get the product in the tank. It was a bit messy. All in all, this is a great sprayer that I'll be using a lot!

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I made the mistake of filling this sprayer before sifting the contents so I had some clogging issues.The sprayer was easy to disassemble to clean out the clog. The long reach is great. Even full, the sprayer is easy to manage- not too heavy or awkward.

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