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Terro Ant Bait Stations (6-Pack) - PMB355

How to Get Rid of Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants

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Contains 6 pre-filled, easy-to-use bait stations.

Customer Reviews

Very happy with this product

Again I have to say this worked great! No more giant ants in the bathroom :)

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controls ants quickly

pesky ants were controlled very quickly

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They swarm around it!

I put these out and the ants were immediately intrigued. They swarmed and then 2 days later were completely gone!

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We have ants in our pantry and since using this product, I haven't seen any. If using in a pantry, I recommend putting these on the ground away from the food.

Review by (on )
Always works

We have explosions of ants in our bathroom and kitchen at least once a year. This ant bait always works quickly to get rid of them. Be sure to keep away from food, pets and children!

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