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The Permaculture Garden - BF470

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Apply the Principles of Permaculture

By Graham Bell

Working entirely in harmony with nature, The Permaculture Garden shows you how to turn a bare plot into a beautiful and productive garden. Full of practical ideas about applying the principles of permaculture to your home garden.

  • Learn how to plan your garden for easy access and minimum labor
  • Save time and effort digging and weeding
  • Recycle materials to save money
  • Plan crop successions for year-round harvests
  • Save energy and harvest water
  • Garden without chemicals by building up your soil and planting in beneficial communities

Softcover. 170 pages. Chelsea Green Publishing Company 2005.

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Customer Reviews

Great introduction

This is a great book as an introduction to the philosophy and practical aspects of Permaculture. I am new to this idea and found this book to be very informative with many "how-to's".

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