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Viili Yogurt Starter Culture (Pack of 2) - HM663

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Make yogurt with Viili yogurt starter. Viili contains live active bacteria and cultures at room temperature (70° to 78°F). Culture viili yogurt right on the counter: no yogurt maker required! One packet of viili can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt as it can be serial cultured by reserving a small amount from the current batch to inoculate the next batch. With care, this viili yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely. No more having to continually buy yogurt starter: save money making yogurt at home!

-Mild taste
-Moderately thick yogurt
-Cultures at 70° to 78°F; no yogurt maker required
-Reusable culture; with care a little from each batch can be used to make the next batch

  • Item Model Number: HM663
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