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Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects

Get rid of those pesky insects with beneficial insects!

Aphids getting you down? Got the Powdery Mildew blues? Weeds taking over? Take action! Achieving organic control of pests IS possible with our wide selection of organic weed & pest control solutions! It is well known within the sustainability movement that an integrated approach to pest control is the best way to go. Technically, the term is "Integrated Pest Management" (IPM), and it basically means applying several well-considered methods of control to address a pest problem. If you are new to organic growing, the big change will be from the "silver bullet" approach (using one, highly potent chemical to achieve total eradication), to a "systems" approach; viewing a farm or garden (and it's inhabitants) as a part of the greater ecosystem. This kind of systems approach will expand your view of how to address a problem to include cultural control (ie-physical manipulation of the environment by pruning, placement of plants, cleaning, etc.), biological control (ie-using natural enemies including insect predators, disease, and parasites), and applying least-harmful pesticides derived from natural sources. IPM requires good conscientious observation, knowledge of pest lifecycles, tolerance for minimal damage, and patience.

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Mason Bee Kit 68 Tubes


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Ladybugs (Unit of approx 4,500)



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Nemaglobe Ant Attack



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PredaLure® Beneficial Insect Lure


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Honey Bee Lure


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Nemaglobe Grub Buster


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Nematode Sprayer


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Ladybug House


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