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Weed Dragon - Home & Garden Flamer - PWC502

Organic Weed Control - Mulch, Corn Gluten Meal, Flamers and More!

Organic Weed Control - Mulch, Corn Gluten Meal, Flamers and More!

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This 100,000 BTU flamer is designed specifically for home and garden flame weeding and ice thawing. Torch is 27.5 long (including shaft). Flamers are a great way to eliminate harmful herbicides where children or pets could be exposed or to quickly de-ice or remove snow from pavement. Comes fully assembled and ready to go. Use for weeding row crops, perennials, trees and vines, as well as brick paths, sidewalks or driveways. Come with a 10' hose and the all valves and fittings required for hook-up to large or small standard propane tank (not for use with disposable tank) of up to 10 gal (40 lbs). At the top of the shaft there is an adjustable fuel-regulating valve, which you turn with one hand while holding the torch with the other. A much better way to deal with fuel regulation, which we strongly recommend, is to use the Flamer Squeeze-Valve & Pilot (PWC515, sold separately). To save your back, consider the Red Dragon Flamer Dolly (PWC503, also sold separately) to carry the load of the tank.


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