Insect Lure

Insect Lure

About insect lure: love is in the air...

Pheromone traps are used to monitor and/or disrupt the mating activity of certain pest insects. A pheromone is a nontoxic species-specific scent produced by the female insect to attract the male. This scent has been laboratory duplicated for particular insects and concentrated in time-release “lures” which attract the male to a sticky glue trap. Lures and traps are purchased separately or in trap kits and arrive with full instructions for assembly and use. Three different-shaped traps, Delta, Intercept A and Wing, are available in bulk and each is recommended for use with particular lures, as specified. If you purchase extra lures, store them in freezer until needed.

Pheromone Confusion Lures

Highly effective, confusion lures use pheromones to flood the orchard with female scent, preventing the male from locating a female and mating. Traps are only needed for monitoring.

Pheromone Glue Traps

Pheromone glue traps are used by orchardists, grain merchants and home gardeners to “trap out” male insects thus preventing mating and reducing the egg-laying capacity of the female. Trapping out has proven useful for Codling Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, Peach Twig Borer, Grain Moths (especially in storage areas) and others. Use 1–2 traps per tree in the home orchard. Commercial growers, please ask about volume discounts. For mass-trapping in grain storage areas, use 1–3 or more traps per 3,000 cu ft

As Monitoring

Pheromone traps are most often used commercially to monitor and anticipate the mating activity of insects. By counting the insects trapped over a given period and using data provided about the pest insect’s cycles, you can determine the best time to release beneficial insects or apply protective sprays. For monitoring use 1–3 traps per orchard. To monitor grain moths, use 1 trap/30,000 cu ft of storage area.