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Sodar Streambank Wheatgrass Seed (Lb) - SCG795

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Agropyron riparium Perennial native wheatgrass for low rainfall erosion control. This low-growing, creeping sod with excellent drought tolerance is used primarily on road right-of-ways, fencerows, ditch and canal banks, reservoir embankments, and other non-irrigated areas where a low maintenance sod is desired. Long-lived, it is adapted to fine or medium textured soils, has excellent seedling vigor and wide adaptation if receives 6-12 annual precipitation and good drainage; even though called Streambank does not tolerate high rainfall or poor drainage. Little forage value. Fully establishes in 2-3 years. Short growth form, narrow leaves, vigorous seedlings and excellent longevity. Sods vigorously once established, providing good weed barrier. Seeds easily but controllable by tillage. Seed 1-1.5 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 12-16 lbs per acre at .5 depth.

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