Yard Net Granular (2 lb) - PBT636

Yard Net Granular (2 lb)
Organic Mosquito Control

Organic Mosquito Control

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Repel Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks and Gnats

Yard Net Lawn & Yard Insect Repellent is an eco-friendly, outdoor insect repellent that really works. Because it's environmentally-friendly, you can be sure Yard Net is safe for use around kids and pets - and it won't harm your vegetation. Made with botanical oils, it has a fresh scent your family will love!

  • Contains no Pyrethroids, safe for the entire family.
  • Ingredients including lemon grass, cedarwood and citronella oils.
  • By simply sprinkling the granules around the areas you wish to treat, Yard Net creates a repelling barrier that dramatically reduces the presence of biting insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and black flies (gnats). This granular form lasts up to a full week.
  • Like the original liquid Yard Net, Yard Net Granular is made with botanical oils, so it’s environmentally-friendly and safe for use around kids and pets.
  • The special time-release formula slowly unleashes a potent repellent as it biodegrades, lasting up to a full week.
  • This 2 lb container covers 1000 sq ft.
  • Playground, soccer field, campsite, backyard BBQ, pool party, outdoor wedding, or just relaxing with family and friends; if it’s fun in the great outdoors it’ll be more fun without the problems created by pesky biting insects. With Yard Net Granular, that protection is easy-to-apply and long lasting.

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