Yellowjacket Trap Kit - PIT921

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Yellowjackets are a small genus of social wasps widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere. There are two types of social wasps, yellowjackets (predators) and paper wasps (scavengers). Predator wasps are very beneficial killers of large numbers of plant-feeding insect pests and nuisance flies. Wasps only become a problem when they threaten to sting humans. In the Fall season, as colonies become quite large and food becomes scarce, wasps start to show up at picnics, barbecues, garbage cans and pet food dishes placed outside. Yellowjackets tend to nest in cavities in the ground, trees, and holes in walls. Paper wasps rarely sting humans except when nests are near doors, windows, and high traffic areas.

Attach the lure to the Yellow Sticky Trap. Hang the trap from a garden pole or tree limb away from areas that children, pets, and humans frequent. Wasps will be attracted, land, and die. Deploy early in Spring to capture the queen. Also use when fruit on trees matures in late Summer and Fall

Kit comes with two 30 day lures, 2 sticky yellow traps and 4 hangers. These traps are so effective, the sticky traps may fill up before 30 days. If that happens. move the lure to a new empty yellow sticky card. Additional yellow sticky traps may be purchased separately.

General instructions for insect lures can be found under the Details tab.


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