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Zorro Fescue De-Awned Seed (Lb) - SCG299

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Vulpia myuros Cool season cover crop. Aggressive, low-growing (to 2'), this fescue is one of the earliest maturing of all grasses. Good cover crop for dryland or minimal irrigation orchards and vineyards when mixed with subclovers or medics, Reseeds and tolerates regular mowing. Massive fibrous root system provides excellent soil stabilization. Often planted with native perennial grasses for erosion control (10 lb/acre Zorro to 10-15 lb/acre native grasses). Establishes quickly and then gradually allows perennial grasses to take over. It does not fix Nitrogen. Plant 0.5 deep at 0.25-1 lb/1000 sq ft or 8-10 lb/acre. (No inoculant required)

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