Aqua Wrap Plant Protector

Get Your Crops Off to an Early Start

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In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Protector allows gardeners to start their spring crops 6 weeks earlier than usual by providing a warm shelter from early frost and an ideal environment for growing more abundant crops. Aqua Wrap surrounds plants with approximately 3 gallons of water that stores the sun's warmth during the day and releases it during the cool of spring nights. During hot summer months, it provides a shelter from the hot sun.

  • Dimensions: 17" high x 18" diameter
  • Easy to use
  • Re-usable

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Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs. Dimensions: 18.5"L x 7.5"W x 0.5"H


Working right now, planted too early, they saved my sprouts

I've watched several people in my neighborhood grow plants gushing with tomatoes with water walls. Mine are AquaWrap. I planted when I thought there would be no more freeze, but three weeks later a few days after my tomatoes started coming up, we had one. I closed the top with one big clip and it worked. You have to keep water in them so they remain stiff. I'm very happy it is working so well. I only closed the top when later it hailed and once when it rained very hard. Next year I'm going to plant six weeks early and see how it works.

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These water wall are no good

They do not stand up well and two out three leak. The tubes don't extend to the bottom like they shoul and the top doesn't stay closed - had to use clothes pins, but expensive plants died from -28 nite before I thought of us

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