Berries and Vines

Berries & Vines

Feel the pleasure of harvesting your own fresh organic fruit!

Growing Berries

Grow these anti-oxidant packed super fruits right in your yard. Many berries are perfect for edible landscapes -- grow blueberry hedges, and strawberry borders. Instead of paying premium prices for berries at your local market, pluck them from your backyard bushes or plants!

Growing Vines

Grow some kiwi or grape vines and enjoy their delicious fruits! Kiwi fruit grow on vigorous vines. Grow them on trellises or espalier them along fences or walls for ornamental landscaping that also delivers fruit high in Vitamin C. Grapes are a great selection for edible landscaping. Grow them for beauty and taste! Make jam, juice, jelly, vinegar, wine, grape seed extracts, raisins, and grape seed oil — the possibilities are endless!