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Raspberry Plants

Enjoy the sweet, juicy taste of homegrown raspberries!

Raspberry vines prefer deep, well–drained, fertile soil. Summer bearers fruit 2–year old wood with everbearers producing on first–year wood. Summer bearers tend to spread by tip layering so unless you want more raspberry vines cut back long vines before the tips reach the ground and root. This type is often grown with the minimal support of a fence post in what is called the "hill method". Everbearers are more likely to spread by their roots and are typically grown in the "hedgerow method". Canes that have escaped the hedgerow will need to be dug up and relocated each year. These brambles thrive in most soil types but they do not tolerate poor drainage.

Raspberries are versatile and hardy in the coldest climates where other fruits fail. Plant late winter to early spring. Space 2’–3’ in a row with 8’–10’ between rows. Sold by the bundle (see item for specific quantities). Shipping weight 3 lb/bundle.