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Farmageddon Movie Comes to Life in Los Angeles Food Club Raid

Just after the documentary Farmageddon was shown to a sold-out crowd in Grass Valley, the movie's theme of governmental attacks on family farms played out again in a raid on a food buying club in Venice, California. An organic farmer and the Rawsome food club manager were arrested -- both appeared in Farmageddon: The Unseen War on Family Farms. Another food club organizer was also arrested, personal locks were changed, a computer was seized. Boy, these people must have been up to dangerous stuff! The charges? Criminal conspiracy.

California allows retail sale of raw milk. In this case the issue seems to be the club’s use of a herdshare or boarding agreement for its dairy goats. A farmer was boarding dairy goats for their owners. No law against that. Does an individual goat owner need a dairy license to raise and milk a goat? That's what the state seems to be saying. Arraignment is scheduled for this morning, and so is a rally on the courthouse steps.

Here are links with the latest news and action items: Please send your e-mail comments about the Rawesome Raid to the Los Angeles County District Attorney at They are not taking over the phone comments and neither is CDFA, but the public's voice deserves to be heard. Concerned citizens are asked to donate to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, an organization that works to protect and expand consumer access to whole, unprocessed foods of their choice, and to pave the way for unregulated, direct trade between farmer and consumer.

Visit their website for more details on food freedom and raw milk issues: Video footage at the scene of the raid, club members expressing outrage: The District Attorney's press release about the one-year undercover investigation and the arrests: To keep up to date on what's happening with the proceedings watch news from Chris Kerston of Oroville's Chaffin Orchards on Facebook and also a Los Angeles Weston Price organizer at Plan to see Farmageddon when it comes to your area. Or schedule a showing of the Farmageddon documentary in your town. Facebook page for Farmageddon The Movie.

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