Plant Flowers this Fall for Glorious Wildflower Meadows & Beds Next Year!

Next spring you could be looking at a meadow of brilliant California wildflowers. In your summer garden you could push your way down a path lined with waist-high Black-eyed Susans or Bee Balm. This isn't a garden fantasy, it's what can happen when you plant wildflowers this fall. Add a sweep of Purple coneflowers (Echinacea) to a dry, hot spot. Attract endangered Checkerspot Butterflies with low mounds of sunny Tidy Tips. Celebrate California by planting the state flower, the California Poppy, where you can watch it all spring. Wildflowers don't ask for much, just some poor soil and a little water. Find out how to plant them in our video and blog post. Then go treat yourself. These natural beauties can be yours for pennies.

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