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Are Endophyte Lawn Mixes Safe for Dogs?

A PVFS Customer Question Received by Email & Staff Response

Question: I have a question regarding the Tough Turf Lawn Seed (and any other endophyte-enhanced seed in general), as well as the Herbal Lawn Mix or similar.  I notice you indicate that both of these are "not appropriate for pasture," but what about it being used around dogs?  I realize dogs tend to graze on grass when their stomachs are upset, so I wondered if we should avoid using any endophyte-enhanced seed or herbal/wildflower mixes around them.  If so, could you recommend any of your other products (i.e., any Native Grass Mixes) instead?  We're in Southern California (zip 91708 / zone 9), and we intend to plant a small lawn in mostly sun, with the hope of planting a shade tree in part of it.  Any guidance you can provide would be much appreciated! Kind Regards. Answer: I have checked into your question with the folks at the seed company and they told me that the endophyte enhancement only affects ruminants like cows, it does not affect dogs.  If you are curious as to what "endophyte-enhanced" means, its just a fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the grass.  It's been shown to improve the plants' ability to retain moisture and nutrients.  Here is a really good explanation. Hope that helps and thank you for growing organically!

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