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Week of August 27, 2019

Winter squash grow all summer to be harvested in the fall. The squash develops a hard skin, which allows for longer storage. Test by pressing your nail against the skin, it should not leave a dent if mature. The skin should be a full rich color and not have any soft spots. If it seems ripe but has soft spots, pick it and eat it right away, cutting away any of the area that may be soft. Another thing to look at is the stem. The stem should look kind of dry and not green. When cutting from the vine, leave about 2-3 inches of stem on the squash. If the squash pulls off the vine without the stem it may not store as long, so eat those fruits first. Store your winter squash indoors (between 55–60°F) in a single layer where they are not touching each other. This will help prevent premature rotting.