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Week of January 1, 2019

It is bare root tree season and here are some essential steps to take when planting your new bare-root tree: When you are ready to plant, soak your tree’s roots in water for a few hours (no more than 24 hours); dig a hole that is saucer shaped (wider than deep); the graft union should be about 2–3” above the ground; if planting a multi-graft tree, position the smallest graft (scion) to the south; amend the soil with compost if the native soil is heavy clay soil or has poor drainage; backfill the soil and gently tamp down; water thoroughly. To help prevent sun scald you can add a tree wrap around the base of the tree. If you can’t plant your tree yet due to frozen ground, heel them in inside a garage or shed, and place in moist soil, compost or wood shavings (no cedar, redwood or rice hulls).