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Week of July 23, 2020

Fall will be here before you know it and it is time to start thinking about planting garlic. Planting large garlic cloves will produce larger bulbs but another consideration should be the soil. Preparing the soil properly is also key to a successful garlic crop the following summer. Before prepping the soil for your garlic bed make sure you are rotating the location every year. Make sure you are not planting garlic (also onions, shallots or leeks) in the same area every year. Also when you plant garlic, you should not plant it next to an area where you are planning to plant beans or peas. Garlic and other alliums seem to stunt the growth of these vegetables. If your soil is clay and/or has poor drainage, you should work on adding more organic matter to the soil. This can be done by planting a summer cover crop like our mix of  buckwheat and cowpeas (finished in 6-7 weeks) or working in some compost or soil conditioner into the soil. Prepare your soil now for a great garlic crop next summer!
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