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Week of March 5, 2019

Weed Flamers are great to use during the winter and spring months, when weeds are still relatively small. The flamer will actually heat up the plant and cause the cells to burst. When using the flamer you will hear kind of a crackling sound; that is the plants’ cells bursting. On larger weeds, you might need to flame the weeds a couple of times to kill the plant. You never want to use the flamer during dry times and always have a hose set up when using the flamer. Becareful of irrigation lines hidden by the weeds; the flamer will melt poly tubing very fast! Organic herbicides are also great to use but are most effective when weeds are small and applied during a sunny day. They are not selective so apply only on wind-free days. These herbicides also do not translocate (go into the roots) so they will only kill the top portion of the plant.