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Week of November 6, 2018

Your composting redworms will tolerate temperatures between 45-80°F, but they do their best work between 55-75°F. If your winters are very cold (< 40°F) then your redworms will not survive if in an outside bin. To keep your worm bin going over the winter, consider moving your worm bin indoors or insulate it to keep your worms from freezing. Also keep an eye on the moisture levels and keep the bottom reservoir drained. If you can’t bring your worm bin indoors, consider insulating it with straw bales, rigid insulation, or adding a small seed starting heat mat can help keep your worms toasty warm. Redworms will not break down scraps as fast during the winter so you may need to back off on how many scraps you feed them and to cut up your scraps into smaller pieces, it will help your worms out.