Week of October 2, 2018

Onion transplants can be fall-planted in zones with milder winters. If you live in zones with harsh winters, transplants should be planted in the spring. You should be home to receive your order so you can open the box right away. The onions may be a little slimy and the tops may be a little wilted, this is ok, they can live up to 3 weeks from the energy of the bulb. If you can’t plant them right away, store them in a cool location like a garage. Spread them out in a bin until you are ready to plant. Once you are ready to plant, work some compost into your soil. Trim the tops to about 3” and the roots can be trimmed a little as well. Water your transplants and mulch them to help conserve water and also to protect them over the winter. For more information, watch our video “Selecting Onions, Ordering & Receiving Your Onion Transplants”.