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Week of September 11, 2018

Wildflowers can be planted in the fall or spring. If you live in regions with harsh winters, it is better to wait until the spring to plant. Areas with mild winters, plant wildflowers in the fall or spring (before the end of the rain). Unless specifically buying a shade-loving mix, wildflowers like full sun in a good draining location. In the area that you want to plant, disturb the ground then irrigate. This will get those nasty weed seeds to germinate. Weed the area using a hoe or small tiller and you may want to repeat one more time. Once you have had your first hard frost, time to plant your wildflower seeds. Many wildflower seeds are very small so it is best to mix with an inert material like sand (not sea sand) or vermiculite in a 1:10 ratio and add to a seed spreader to broadcast.