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Week of September 17, 2020

Garlic can be stored as whole heads for a few months to a year, depending on the storage conditions and the variety – softnecks store longer than hardnecks – but all your garlic can be preserved for longer storage by freezing or dehydrating. Store whole, unbroken heads in a cool (about 60 to 65 degrees is ideal), dry, dark place with moderate humidity. Keep them in a mesh bag, paper bag or cardboard box for good air circulation. If you had braided your garlic for curing, you can leave it in the braid for storage as well, just cut off the heads when you’re ready to use them starting at the bottom of the braid. Do not store heads with damaged cloves, as they spoil easily. These should instead be used right away, or preserved by drying or pickling. For more information on preserving garlic, read our blog How to Store and Preserve Garlic. Don't let your homegrown garlic spoil before you can use it...preserve it!
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