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Week of September 3, 2019

Saving seeds from your favorite tomato takes a little bit of effort. Make sure you are saving seeds from fully mature, disease-free tomatoes and from a plant that is the healthiest and biggest. Tomatoes need a fermenting process that will mimic the rotting process of the fruit. Put the tomato seeds and pulp in a glass jar filled with water. Set at room temperature out of the sun for about 5 days. The mix will get a little frothy, but that is normal. Stir occasionally to help separate the seeds from the pulp and skim off any seeds that are floating, these are non-viable. After 5 days, pour off the liquid using a screen and repeat several times until you have removed all floating seeds and the good seeds are clean. Spread out in a pie tin and allow to dry. Store dried seeds in a rodent-free container in a cool dry place.