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Brood Box with 8 Frames (Assembled)
Brood Box with 8 Frames (Assembled)
Item Number: HB108

Brood Box with 8 Frames (Assembled)

Provides a Home for Your Bees

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One 9 5/8” Tall Brood Box with taper cut handholds made from ponderosa pine. This is where the bees make their home, where the queen lays eggs, and the bees store enough honey and pollen for the hive to survive during winter. The beekeeper should not “harvest” honey from the two brood boxes. Start with one brood box. When 6 frames are full of comb, add a second brood box.

Eight 9 1/4” Top Bar Frames with plasticell foundation (which is easily removable).

Why 8-frames and not 10 like commercial bee yards? Once full of comb and honey, a super (the wooden box full of frames) can weigh up to 90 lbs! This is an unmanageable amount of weight for many people. So we’ve designed this hive to hold 8 frames per box which is more manageable for a hobby beekeeper.

We’re proud of the quality of materials used to construct our beehive. The hive is constructed from hand selected Ponderosa pine from the Northwest. To prevent warping, each board is moisture metered before it is precision milled. Uniform interlocking joints add strength and holes are pre-drilled before nailing to prevent splitting during assembly. You’ll receive a fully assembled brood box full of frames and we want you to know we’ve done our best sourcing our materials.

What’s in a frame? A beehive with top bar frames allows you to remove and inspect the comb for brood development, pest monitoring, and honey production. Our frames come pre-assembled with a plasticell foundation coated in beeswax. Bees can more quickly draw their honey comb when given a foundation to work off of and this is most common in commercial apiaries. Given a little extra time, honey bees can draw their own comb within an empty frame.



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    Shipping Weight: 13.88 lb

    Dimensions: 20.5"L x 14.5"W x 10.5"H


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