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Grow For Flavor

Tips to Supercharge the Flavor of Your Harvest

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By James Wong

Have you ever grown a batch of lovingly nurtured tomatoes only to be disappointed by the flavor when you harvest them? The problem, according to Kew-trained botanist and best-selling garden writer James Wong, is that some growing practices are designed to create bumper crops at the expense of both flavor and nutrition.

James' radical new solution? By following a groundbreaking set of scientific tips and tricks (that even newbie growers can master) anyone can supercharge the eating quality and potential health value of their homegrown harvests.

In addition to advice that can measurably increase the flavor of grow-your-own flavors and "wildcard" crops you never knew you could grow, James also provides 36 simple recipes – from One Pot Tomato-leaf Pasta to Homemade Cherry Syrup – to help enhance homegrown flavor from garden to kitchen.

Hardcover. 223 pages. Firefly Books 2016.



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