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Best Soil Test for a New Garden Location

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In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Note: this test is a standard soil test. DO NOT submit container media (potting mix) or organic amendments for the standard "soil" test. Standard soil test methods were NOT designed for these types of materials. If your sample contains perlite, vermiculite, bark, rice hulls or any other potting mix or amendments, you must order the Potting Soil Analysis (svs105). We look through each soil bag before sending to the lab. If we deem any sample to contain more than just natural soil, you will be contacted to change your sample to the Container Media test. If we don't take care of it before the lab gets the sample, there could be a long delay and/or the lab could reject the soil completely.

It all starts with good soil. Whether you're gardening 10 sq ft or farming thousands of acres, smart growers know that soil tests pay for themselves in increased productivity and targeted fertilizing that is made possible by a specific diagnosis of the soil's strengths and weaknesses.

The Complete Soil Analysis Report includes lab readings for the following tests:

  • Zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron
  • Organic matter
  • Estimated nitrogen release & nitrate nitrogen
  • Phosphorus (weak bray & sodium bicarbonate P)
  • Extractable cations (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium), hydrogen, sulfate sulfur
  • pH & cation exchange capacity and percent cation saturation and excess lime

Many years of soil audits on hundreds of different soils across the country have given us the expertise to develop a unique soil analysis package, appropriate for growers of all sizes.

Now comes with PVFGS's booklet Understanding Your Soil Analysis Report which provides the information you'll need to address your soil's needs organically. It is a practical, condensed education in soil fertility and the most current field-proven organic techniques for achieving it. It explains the readings given on the lab test and includes organic recommendations for all levels of deficiency.

You will receive a soil test bag and a sheet with instructions for taking your soil sample. Return your sample via USPS or UPS/FedEX. You will receive your test results and booklet in approximately 2 weeks.

Please note that our information applies only to the levels found using our lab's analyzing process. Readings can vary greatly from lab to lab, depending on their methods and procedures.


  • Tests for Additional Minerals
  • Tests for NPK
  • Tests for pH

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On par with the Best

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Fifty bucks for one sample is too much. Also, their method of sampling may not be valid in today's subdivisions. Today, subdivisions are built with numerous scrapers hauling dirt from different locations. It's entirely possible that you can have several different kinds of soil on your property separated by less than a foot. A scraper can come rumbling through with a load of one kind of soil and another right along side with a load of another kind of soil from a different location. This is not only possible, in some subdivisions, it's highly likely.

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A bit overwhelming

I was not prepared for the complexity of the task of getting the sample through sending it back. Had I known, I would have simply taken a shovel full of dirt in a Mason jar to the county extension agent and gotten the analysis for free. Would not recommend unless you need very detailed info about your micro cliamate.

Seems very expensive for what it is.

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Best Way to Optimize Your Veggy Bed

I get a soil test every year of my veggy beds in the winter. I then know what to add. After 3 years my beds are MUCH more productive. I have January, Feb, March to find and add what they recommend--based on careful reading of the results and talking to the nice-helpful people at Peaceful Valley. It is the best money I spend. My pumpkins, tomatoes, etc. jump out of the bed.

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