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Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Find out what your soil needs first!

It all starts with the soil. Whether you’re gardening 10 sq ft or farming thousands of acres, smart growers know that soil tests pay for themselves with the increased productivity and targeted fertilizing made possible by a specific diagnosis of the soil’s strengths and weaknesses. Many years of soil audits on hundreds of different soils across the country have given us the expertise to develop a unique soil analysis package, appropriate for all sizes of farms and gardens.

With your soil test results we provide our booklet "Understanding Your Soil Analysis Report" that provides the information you’ll need to address your soil’s needs organically. It is a practical, condensed education in soil fertility and field-proven organic techniques for achieving it. The booklet explains the readings given on the lab test and includes organic recommendations to remedy any levels of deficiency.

To order, just request our soil test information and you will receive a soil test bag with instructions for taking your soil sample. Return your sample, with payment enclosed.

Within two weeks, we will send you your Soil Analysis Report which includes lab readings for organic matter, nitrate-nitrogen, 2 types of extractable phosphorus, exchangeable potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, soil pH, cation exchange capacity, % of saturation by major cations, sulfate-sulfur, zinc, soluble salts, excess lime and electrical conductivity.

If all these terms confuse you, don’t worry! The booklet will explain everything. In fact, it is so comprehensive that you will be able to use it to interpret all your future soil tests. Please note that our information applies only to the levels found using this lab’s analyzing process. Readings can vary greatly from lab to lab, depending on their methods and procedures.

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