Snap Fittings and Fabric Clips

Snap Fittings & Fabric Clips

Keep your frost & sun protection in place with our selection of fabric clips!

Frost Protection

Extend your growing season or nurse tender seedlings through inclement weather. Peaceful Valley offers a variety of frost protection solutions including row covers, garden fabrics and crop sprays. Find row covers in sizes suitable for everything from a backyard garden to a large farm, and all the supplies to keep those row covers firmly in place through winter weather. Face a cold snap with peace of mind knowing your garden or crops are protected.

Sun Protection

Keep your garden, greenhouse or outdoor areas cool with shade fabric. Grow those tasty cool-weather greens longer, shade the kid's sandbox or even cover the pool. Our durable shade fabrics come cut to order and if needed, taped edges and grommets can be added for your convenience (special order, can take up to two weeks for finishing). Shade Fabrics are available from 30% to 80% reduced light transmittance. Use it to protect any plant where the available sunlight exceeds the plant's optimal conditions.

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PVC Fitting 5 Way 3/4


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PVC Fitting 5 Way 1/2


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PVC Fitting - Slip T (3/4")



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Loop Hoop



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Rowcover Snap Clamps 1-1/2"



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1" Row Cover Snap Clamp



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1/2" Row Cover Snap Clamp



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Snap Cross (1/2")


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Snap Cross (3/4")


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Snap Cross (1")


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Snap Cross (1 1/4")


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Snap Cross (1-1/2")


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