Plant Pollinators

Plant Pollinators

About plant pollinators

Welcome honey bees and orchard mason bees to your farm and garden, and let Mother Nature's helpers pollinate your fruits and vegetables. We have all the supplies you need to support honey bee hives. Orchard mason bees are wild; try them in your garden with a special house -- we can also send you orchard mason bees.

Tempted by home beekeeping? House some honey bees with our exclusive 8-frame beehive kit. Even the kids get in on it with tiny sizes of gloves and beekeeper jackets. If you want to participate in the pollination process yourself, try our new VegiBee sonic pollinators (battery powered or rechargeable) -- improve the productivity of your home food garden by more than 30%, according to the manufacturer.

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Orchard Mason Bees (Unit Of 20)



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Honey Bee Lure


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Natural Beekeeping


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The Orchard Mason Bee


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Mason Bee Kit 68 Tubes



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Beekeeping Tool Kit


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The Beekeeper's Bible


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Beekeeping Frame Holder


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Pollen Bee Nest


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