Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping Supplies

About beekeeping supplies

We have all you need in our new Beekeeping Supplies section, from beehives with copper roofs to those white beekeeper suits for adults and kids (you'll never have to dream up a Halloween costume again) -- everything but the honey bees themselves.

We show you how to get going with beekeeping in three videos. The first is Beekeeping for Beginners -- Hive Set Up, where Tricia chooses the right site, preps her hive, and gets it ready for the arrival of the honey bees. The second video is Adding Bees, where Tricia places bees in the new hive and feeds them while they settle in. Keep your bees safe from a dangerous pest, with instructions in the third video, Beehive Varroa Mite Control.

We have a Beekeeping Tool Kit with the essentials. And when you're ready to harvest, grab a Honey Filtering & Bottling Kit.

Wondering about keeping your own bees? Just plain curious about all things apian? You can't do better than The Beekeeper's Bible. This handsome, hardback tome is part history book, part handbook, and part cookbook (with over 100 honeyed recipes) -- page through it for fun facts, or to help you get your backyard buzzing.

Check out all our excellent bee books and see which you like best.

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Beekeeping Tool Kit


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