Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

We have all the supplies you need for harvesting your crops!

What better gratification after a busy spring planting season than harvesting the summer bounty! When I first started gardening, I loved coming home from work and eating directly from the plants in the garden...taking big bites of tomato, while nibbling the basil and eating one green bean for every bean that went in the harvest basket. After my husband, Eric, planted about 45 fruit trees, I got scared.... What would I do with all that fruit? I pictured myself trying the consumption methods I used in the veggie garden and realized I better learn how to preserve!

We listened to your requests for “homesteading” related products and are proud to present a variety of kitchen & harvesting supplies. We have researched many preserving and canning products to verify that the quality, versatility and prices were the best because we insist on only offering products that add value and help achieve sustainability. Take a look at our new poultry raising accessories as well as home brewing, winemaking and cheesemaking kits, and a few very interesting books to help you produce virtually all your edibles and beverages at home. That is sustainable living!

Thank you for your patronage and for growing organically!

~ Pattie Boudier
Vice President

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