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Food Dehydrators

Food Dehydrators

Make delicious dried fruits with a dehydrator!

Excalibur dehydrators offer the best performance, quality and durability of any of the dehydrators on the market. Their Parallexx horizontal-airflow drying system with a temperature controlled, fan-forced, horizontal drying system mounted in the rear provides even distribution of heat across each tray. An adjustable 95–145F thermostat allows perfect drying every time. Dry fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Make fruit leathers, trail mix and jerky. You can even use it to make yogurt or cure epoxies and clay. It also allows you to keep the temperature below 120°F to preserve enzymes and nutrients. The unit is easy to clean. Each dehydrator tray slides in and out, and can be removed for drying larger items.

The Nesco dehydrators are a less expensive way to get into drying food. Easy to use on a countertop, due to their round shape, their other major difference from Excalibur is that the fan blows from the bottom instead of the back. Expand the 1,000 watt Gardenmaster Dehydrator up to 30 trays tall! The 500 watt Nesco Snackmaster lets you start dehydrating at a modest price and expands to 12 trays. Both dehydrators in the Nesco line have accessories for making fruit leather and jerky.

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