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Equipment for Foliar Feeding

Equipment for Foliar Feeding

Boost the health of your plants quickly with foliar feeding!

What is Foliar Feeding?

Foliar feeding addresses the immediate needs of a growing crop, as opposed to long-term soil deficiencies, by spraying water-soluble fertilizers onto the leaf surface of the plants. All plants absorb nutrients through their leaves and stems, using stomata—little openings similar to the pores of our skin. Plants absorb foliar sprays 20 times faster than soil-applied nutrients. Foliars help plants compensate for soil deficiencies (low fertility, low soil temperature, etc.) during the growing season.

Foliars fortify plants facing other types of stress as well, such as drought, heat, cold, mechanical or insect damage or the onset of disease-susceptible periods. Foliar feeding can also be timed to encourage and/or enhance critical points in the plant’s growth cycle, such as seedling emergence or rapid growth phases or flowering, fruiting and seed formation. Many crops benefit from 6–8 foliar applications per season. Some growers apply weekly foliars at low concentrations to improve nutrient balance.

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