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Fertilizers That Add Humus or Humic Acid

Fertilizers for Adding Humus or Humic Acid

Boost the health of your soil with organic fertilizers!

Humus is important to the structure of soil. Think of humus like a sponge; nutrients are attracted to the humus particles and may help keep the nutrients from being washed away by rain or watering. Humus also helps keep soil moist longer than regular composts.

Fertilizer Solution Chart Soil Testing Supplies

Sure Start 4-6-2 (4 lb box)



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Worm Castings (1 Gal)



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Acid Mix 4-3-6 (6 Lb Box)



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Acid Mix (25 lb Bag)



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Organic Micro Hume (2 Lb Jar)



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Worm Castings (1 Cu Ft)



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Liquid Kelp Help (55 Gal)



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